Kettle Heroes

kettleHeroesKettle Heroes sent me a bag of Original Kettle Corn and a bag of Cayenne Lime Kettle Corn.

I opened up the bag of Original Kettle Corn and began munching. It didn’t take long before the entire contents of the bag were emptied. It had the right sweet and salty balance and it was fresh and crunchy — everything you’d expect from a very good kettle corn.


The Cayenne Lime Kettle Corn flavor was next and it was awesome!

The first taste to hit my tongue was a sweet lime flavor and about twenty seconds later it was followed by a very nice spicy cayenne. It wasn’t too spicy, but the heat did last a few minutes. Sometimes all you need are a few ingredients to make a great popcorn flavor.

I really enjoyed the popcorn from Kettle Heroes and I highly recommend the Cayenne Lime flavor if you like spicy popcorn.

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