POP! Gourmet: Wakaya Perfection

wakayaPOP! Gourmet Popcorn recently sent me three new flavors to try. They partnered with Wakaya Perfection to create Ginger and Sweet Orange Popcorn, Ginger and Garlic Popcorn, and Ginger, Sea Salt and Caramel Popcorn. All of them use Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder, that comes from Wakayan Island in Fiji.

The Ginger and Sweet Orange Popcorn was the first flavor I tried and after a few handfuls my mouth was filled with a very nice spicy ginger flavor. That wonderful spice stayed on my tongue for about two minutes. But the orange flavor was very faint and hardly noticeable. The popcorn itself was very crunchy, but also had lots of hulls.

The Ginger and Garlic Popcorn was the next flavor I tried. I could definitely taste that spicy ginger flavor but it was weak on the garlic flavoring. And, like the Ginger and Sweet Orange, it was crunchy and had lots of hulls.

The last flavor was Ginger, Sea Salt and Caramel Popcorn. I was hoping that this flavor was going to be better that the other two and I was right. When I opened up the bag it smelled delicious. And, after the first taste it was really hard put down. The combination of flavors was awesome!! That spicy ginger was the perfect companion to the sweet caramel flavor. The caramel actually masked the spicy ginger flavor and made it less spicy than the other two flavors. I love caramel popcorn and this flavor is a must try for all you caramel popcorn lovers.

I liked all three flavors, but the butterfly popcorn that was used to create the orange and garlic flavors had way too much hull. I also would have preferred a much stronger flavor to compliment the spicy Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder. Although, I would highly recommend the Ginger, Sea Salt and Caramel Popcorn flavor. I’ll be getting a lot more of this to share with my family during our Thanksgiving celebration in a few months.

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