pinkletonsPinkleton’s sent me four caramel-based popcorn flavors — Salted Vanilla, Orange Cardamom, Salted Molasses, and Spicy Mexican Cocoa. Located in Portland, Oregon, Pinkleton’s gets some of their ingredients locally like hand harvested sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. and Oregon butter from Larsen’s Creamery. I can certainly tell the difference in taste when great ingredients are used to make incredible gourmet popcorn flavors.

I began my tasting with the Orange Cardamom flavor. The first bite released a very nice orange flavor followed by a hint of cardamom. It’s supposed to contain a dash of single malt Scotch, but I really didn’t taste it that much. I can’t wait to try some of this with some milk for breakfast. The next flavor I tried was the Salted Molasses. I could taste the molasses on the first crunch. The flavor is more robust compared to regular caramel popcorn. And, if you like molasses, you’ll like this flavor a lot. The Salted Vanilla flavor was next and it was really tasty. The pure vanilla extract from Nielsen-Massey makes this gourmet popcorn flavor shine through every bite. The last flavor I tried was the Spicy Mexican Cocoa. The combination and balance of flavors was sensational. I especially liked the sequence of flavors one after another. The first taste of cocoa powder hits your tongue and is followed by a mild sweet vanilla flavor, and then the spicy note comes a bit later. Wow, this is yummy. I quickly ran out of this flavor so I ordered more to share with my friends and family for our Thanksgiving feast in a few months.

All of the gourmet popcorn flavors I tasted from Pinkleton’s were fabulous! If you like caramel popcorn as much as me then you got to try Pinkleton’s.

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