Biggest Little Popcorn Co.

biggestLittleThe Biggest Little Popcorn Company sent me six different flavors of English Butter Toffee Baked Popcorn — Original Butter Toffee, Traditional Banana Toffee, Mexican Vanilla, Hot Cinnamon, Lemon Bliss, and French Masala Curry. All of their popcorn is air-popped and twice baked. Sweet cream butter, real cane sugar, pure fruit oil/extract and spices are combined to make the popcorn flavoring.

I started out by opening the bag of Traditional Banana Toffee. The flavor immediately reminded me of circus peanuts. It was sweet and crunchy and had a great banana flavor. I liked it a lot. The next bag I opened was the Original Butter Toffee. This flavor had a sweet butter and caramel flavor that tasted more buttery compared to regular caramel corn. The Mexican Vanilla flavor was next. The flavor wasn’t very strong, but you could definitely taste a mild vanilla flavor. The Hot Cinnamon flavor reminded me of cinnamon candy hearts that I used to eat when I was a kid. It had a very strong cinnamon flavor that stayed on my tongue for about a minute. The Lemon Bliss was next and it had a very strong lemony flavor. A lemon extract was probably used for the flavoring, but it really could have used some natural lemon zest to give it some additional color and to kick it up a notch. I saved the French Masala Curry flavor to taste last because I thought it was going to be a little spicy, and I was right. The first flavor is sweet, and after munching on a handful that spicy curry flavor came through and tickled my tongue for a few minutes.

I really liked all the popcorn flavors from the Biggest Little Popcorn Company. I highly recommend you try the Traditional Banana Toffee flavor. It was my favorite. I’m not crazy about the texture of circus peanuts, but when that flavor is added to popcorn it becomes very addicting.

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