Joe & Seph’s: Seven Days of Holiday Popcorn

joeandsephsThis holiday season I was fortunate to have a wide variety of incredible popcorn flavors from Joe & Seph’s. I decided to make it last so I only opened up one flavor a day.

Day One: Olive Oil, Truffle Oil & Truffle Salt
The bag itself was as light as a feather. I opened it up and could smell the olive oil and the earthy scent of truffle. Although I’m not a big fan of the truffle flavor, this popcorn was very light and flavorful.

Day Two: Salted Caramel with Crushed Black Pepper
I love black pepper and this flavor was a huge surprise. The first taste of sweet salty caramel only lasts a few seconds and then a very intense black pepper flavor hits your tongue and stays there for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe the intensity of the black pepper. I love this flavor.

Day Three: Camembert Cheese
I’ve never actually had Camembert cheese so I didn’t know what to expect. It had a great cheesy flavor and I loved the creamy finish. I actually prefer this flavor over some of the white cheddar flavors I’ve tasted.

Day Four: Margarita
After creating a Gin & Tonic flavored popcorn I kind of knew that Popcorn Chef and Connoisseur, Joseph Sopher would create some other cocktail flavors. The Margarita flavor starts out with a taste of lime. I was hoping for a strong tequila flavor to follow, but it just wasn’t there.

Day Five: Cosmopolitan
This flavor has a strong orange flavor with a mild tang of cranberry. It’s also my favorite cocktail flavor. But, like the other cocktail flavors I really didn’t get a strong liquor flavor.

Day Six: Mojito
This flavor started out with a mild mint and a strong lime flavor. I enjoyed the combination of flavors together but I would have preferred a stronger finishing mint flavor. The finishing flavor of rum was too mild and hardly noticeable.

Day Seven: Mince Pie
This is absolutely my favorite Joe & Seph popcorn flavor. It’s starts out crunchy and sweet and then turns into a chewy fruity brandy-infused surprise.

I am so lucky to have tasted so many different popcorn flavors over the past few years and I consider Joe & Seph’s to be one of the most innovative gourmet popcorn makers. Their popcorn flavors always amaze me. I’m also looking forward and hoping that some new flavors will be created in the coming years.

Happy New Year and Keep on Poppin’

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