The Art of Caramel

art_of_caramelThe Art of Caramel has some very interesting gourmet popcorn flavors. They sent me a nice box of three different flavors — Orange Cognac Kiss, Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib, and Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper.

As I watched the Oscars, I began my tasting with the Orange Cognac Kiss and a snifter of Grand Marnier. Unfortunately, the popcorn was only slightly orange flavored and only about half of the popcorn was drizzled with chocolate. I really wanted more chocolate and a much stronger orange flavor. The Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib was up next and I experienced the same problem — it really needed more vanilla flavoring and there were very few cocoa nibs, which tasted good, but there needed to be a whole lot more. I was really looking forward to the last flavor, but it too was missing a strong flavor of bourbon, however the black pepper flavor was very evident. All of the popcorn from The Art of Caramel was fresh and crunchy, but they needed a stronger flavor.

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