Pilot Knob Comforts

pilotknobPilot Knob Comforts is a farm that grows two kinds of popcorn — Ruby Red and Shaman Blue (pictured below). They sent me a bag of each and I popped up a big bowl of the Shaman Blue a few days after it arrived.


Even though the kernels are dark, the popcorn pops up bright white. It only took me a few minutes to consume an entire bowl. This popcorn is delicious. All I seasoned it with was a little salt and pepper. It has a great natural popcorn flavor. And, there was no need for flossing afterwards. I popped up a bowl of the Ruby Red a few days later and it was just as good — it just has a nuttier flavor.

Pilot Knob claims that their popcorn is hull-less, but there is no such thing as hull-less popcorn. All popcorn has a hull, which is what holds the popcorn together. Some popcorn varieties have less hull than others and some are smaller in shape and for these kinds the hull breaks up into smaller pieces and is much easier to digest. Pilot Knob’s popcorn comes in a very nice stand-up resealable package and the stove-top instructions on the back are exactly the way I pop popcorn.

I really enjoyed the popcorn from Pilot Knob Comforts. The Shaman Blue was my favorite, but I really liked both kinds.

Keep on Poppin’

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