cromersA few weeks ago I got a box from Cromer’s that contained three bags of popcorn — Caramel Corn, Cheesy Sweet Monkey Munch, and Sweet n Sassy Caramel Corn.

I absolutely love caramel popcorn. I’ve tasted well over 100 different kinds from quite a lot of popcorn companies. The recipe for caramel popcorn is relatively the same, but the ingredients used are varied. Finding the right combination is the key.

I started out my tasting with the Caramel Corn. It was really, really good and it only lasted a few minutes. It wasn’t a very large bag, but it did contain enough popcorn for two to enjoy, however, there was nobody around to share with so I consumed it all myself. Next up was the Cheesy Sweet Monkey Munch. It basically tasted very similar to the Caramel Corn flavor with just a minimal flavor of cheese. It really needed more cheese flavoring. The final flavor, Sweet n Sassy Caramel Corn, turned out to be my favorite. It contained a mixture of spicy ingredients (onion, garlic, etc.) that tickled my tongue. It starts out as a sweet caramel flavor and then the spicy flavors kick in as you are chewing and stay on your tongue for a few minutes. I was craving for more when the flavor was gone.

All the popcorn from Cromer’s was fresh and crunchy. I highly recommend the Caramel Corn and the Sweet n Sassy Caramel Corn flavors.

Keep on Poppin’

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