Snacks 101 – the first BAKED popcorn

snacks101A few weeks ago I got to go to the Expo East show at the Convention Center in Baltimore. I met over a dozen popcorn vendors and also took home a rather large quantity of popcorn (see picture at the bottom of this page).

One of the vendors was Snacks 101 — the first BAKED popcorn. And, just a few days after the show I received a big box that contained four of their flavors — Purely Sea Salt, Less Mess White Cheddar, Smokey Chipotle, and Sweet & Spicy Siracha.

I began my tasting by opening the bag of Purely Sea Salt. And, with only three ingredients (popcorn, pure coconut oil, and sea salt), it was quite tasty. It had a great crunch and it nearly disintegrates in your mouth. I don’t know anything about the baking process, but those kernels need quite a lot of heat to pop. I would love to see a video to see just how this popcorn is popped in an oven. And, by the way, I munched from this bag for about 30 minutes before it was all gone.

The next flavor I tried was the Less Mess White Cheddar. There is actually less of a mess, and the white cheddar flavor was light, but satisfying. The Smokey Chipotle flavor was next and it turned out to be my favorite. The combination of spices was awesome and that flavor stayed on my tongue for about four minutes after eating.  I was craving for more when I stopped munching. The Sweet & Spicy Siracha was my least favorite. I didn’t care too much for the combination of flavors and I thought the siracha flavor could have been stronger.

Snacks 101 uses a baking process that actually sucks the moisture out of the popcorn and makes it lighter and crunchier. I highly recommend the Purely Sea Salt and Smokey Chipotle flavors.

Thanks, and Keep on Poppin’

Here’s what I came home with from the show:

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