LesserEvil – Avocado-Licious and Bonsai

lesserevil_avacadoLesserEvil came out with a few new flavors that I tried recently — Avocado-Licious and Bonsai.

I opened up the Avocado-Licious and began tasting. I thought the flavor was going to taste like avocados, which I love, but it tasted like plain salted popcorn. However, each bag does contain the oil of more than one avocado, and the popcorn was fresh and crunchy. The health benefits may be good, but don’t expect an avocado flavor.

The Bonsai flavor was absolutely amazing. If you like the taste and spiciness of wasabi then you’re going to love this popcorn flavor. I could taste the wasabi as soon as I crunched on the first bite. Within a few seconds I was eating it by the handful and stuffing it into my mouth. I just couldn’t get enough of that spicy wasabi flavor. When I stopped munching I realized that I had consumed more than half of the bag. It took about three minutes for the wasabi flavor to dissipate and that’s when I was craving for more.

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