CrunchDaddy Popcorn: Gingerbread Cookie Crunch

crunchdaddy_gingerbreadcookiecrunchCrunchDaddy has a new holiday popcorn flavor — Gingerbread Cookie Crunch.

I purchased a dozen bags for our family gathering at Thanksgiving that included nearly 60 people. After opening the first bag and passing it around I knew it was going to be a big hit. Watching football, playing games, and family conversation was all enjoyed while munching on Gingerbread Cookie Crunch. At the end of the day we only had a couple of bags left which I left there for the hosts to enjoy.

Before this flavor became available to the general public I was actually one of the lucky ones to get a taste from the very first batch. And, it was amazing. The first bite revealed a light honey flavor and a hint of ginger. After a few more bites I got a piece that had a small chunk of chrystalized ginger attached. It was the combination of crunchy and chewy textures that had me hooked. And the chewy flavor just explodes with an intense ginger flavor. It’s awesome!!

Surprise your friends and order some for your next holiday party. And don’t forget the Super Bowl. This popcorn flavor goes great with beer. I’ll be buying a lot more for my friends and family in the coming weeks. I love this popcorn flavor.

Thanks CrunchDaddy, Keep on Poppin’

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