Pipcorn is a miniature-sized popcorn from Pipsnacks. It was created by Jeff and Jen Martin, who appeared on the 100th episode of Shark Tank.

I recently ordered a few bags of Rosemary Pipcorn and was lucky to also get a bag of the Sea Salt flavor and a bag of the Truffle flavor. There’s quite a lot of popcorn in each bag because the special variety of popcorn kernels they use are really small. It’s also very similar to Tiny But Mighty.


As you can see in the picture above, most of the popped popcorn are smaller than a penny.

I began my tasting with the Rosemary flavor. When I opened up the bag I poured a big handful in my hand and tossed it all into my mouth. The crunch was awesome, but the seasoning was a little weak. It was certainly salty enough, but the rosemary flavor was hardly noticeable.

The next flavor was the Sea Salt. It was awesome!! And, with just the right amount of salt, I enjoyed every handful. I could have easily eaten the entire bag. The Truffle flavor was somewhat surprising, mostly because I don’t really like the taste of truffles. But it turned out to be the best tasting truffle flavored popcorn I’ve ever had.

I really like Pipcorn and I highly recommend the Sea Salt flavor.

Keep on Poppin’

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  1. Jen from Pipcorn says:

    thanks!!!! 🙂

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