Ten Acre

Ten Acre is a company in the UK that makes seven different popcorn flavors. I was lucky to get a delivery of five of their flavors: Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty, Ambrose Popperly’s Wasabi, Cornelius Popperly’s Sour Cream and Chive, Lucia Popperly’s Cappuccino, and Cousin Penelope’s Strawberry and Cream. The two flavors I didn’t get to try are Cousin Maisie’s Fennel and Lemon and Captain Theadore’s Lime and Sea Salt.

The names of these popcorn flavors are whimsical and the flavors are pretty tasty.

I began my tasting with the Strawberry and Cream flavor. It was mildly sweet and had a great crunch, but the strawberry flavor tasted a little artificial. It’s really hard to tell how much natural flavoring is used. Next up was the Sour Cream and Chive flavor. I liked the combination of flavors, but I would have preferred a stronger chive flavor. It was a little weak. I opened up the Cappuccino flavor next. It was mildly sweet and the cappuccino flavoring was great. I’m definitely adding this flavor to my breakfast list. The Sweet and Salty flavor was very similar to kettle corn. It had just the right amount of sugar and salt and was hard to put down. I saved the Wasabi flavor for last because of the spiciness. I loved how the wasabi flavor tickled the front of my tongue and then quickly dissipated. I was eating this flavor by the handful after the very first taste.

I enjoyed all the popcorn flavors from Ten Acre. I highly recommend Ambrose Popperly’s Wasabi flavor. It was pretty darn awesome!

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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