poplandiaPoplandia sent me a big box filled with ten different flavors — Sea Salt Caramel, Northwest Raspberry, Thai PB&J, Mayan Hot Cocoa, Bulleit Bourbon Maple Pecan, Sharp White Cheddar, Hickory Smoked Gouda, Black Truffle Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, and White Almond Cherry.

All of the flavors were pretty good, and a few were really good. It’s so difficult to taste a lot of different kinds of popcorn flavors from one company at one sitting, so I decided to break down my tasting over the course of a few days. And, I had a lot of time because I was snowed in with over two feet of snow on the ground.

The one flavor that I didn’t like much was the Thai PB&J. I could taste the raspberry and peanut butter flavors on the front end, but the ending flavor tasted a little weird. The finishing flavor was spicy, but it contained too many different spices.

The Sea Salt Caramel was crisp and left a nice saltiness on the middle of my tongue. The Madagascar Vanilla Bean had a great vanilla flavor. The Northwest Raspberry was mildly sweet, but the raspberry flavoring tasted a little artificial. The Sharp White Cheddar was creamy and cheesy. The Hickory Smoked Gouda had a great mild smokey flavor and finished with a gouda cheesiness. The Bulleit Bourbon Maple Pecan flavor was a little interesting… I could taste a hint a bourbon and maple, but it could have used more candied pecans. I really liked the combination of flavors in the White Almond Cherry flavor. It had a creamy white chocolate taste on the front end, and the dried cherries added a nice chewy texture and sweetness, but it needed more almond flavor.

These last two flavors were my favorites — the Mayan Hot Cocoa starts with a deep dark chocolate flavor, and as you start crunching the vanilla and cayenne and cinnamon kick in and finish off with a wonderful mild spiciness — a great combination of flavors in one bite. The Black Truffle Sea Salt flavor was just amazing. The truffle flavor was intense and it had so much staying power that I could still taste this flavor on my tongue an hour later.

Poplandia makes some really interesting popcorn flavors. I highly recommend the Mayan Hot Cocoa (it’s going on my breakfast list) and the Black Truffle Sea Salt flavor.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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