Sinfully Thin


Open Road Snacks recently came out with a new line of popcorn called Sinfully Thin. They sent me a big bag of each flavor — Blue Corn, SuperPop, Smokey Red, Caramel and Sea Salt, Sweet African Heat, and Jamaican Jerk.

With the tag line “Nothing Artificial” printed on each bag, I expected to taste some pretty good popcorn. And, I did.

I began with the Blue Corn, a simple flavor made from blue popcorn kernels that pops up bright white. Sunflower oil was used for popping and the only other ingredient was sea salt to bring out the big popcorn flavor. It was slightly sweet and the crunch was tender. This is just how plain popcorn should taste. I loved it. Next up was the Smoky Red Popcorn, a red popcorn kernel that also pops up bright white. Popped with sunflower oil, it also contained Alderwood smoked sea salt. The texture of the popcorn was a bit crunchier that the Blue and the smokey flavor of the salt combined with the nuttiness of the popcorn worked perfectly. Sometimes all you really need for great tasting popcorn is a great kernel and some really good salt.

The next flavor I tried was the SuperPop Popcorn, a spiced-infused popcorn that had a long list of ingredients that included sea salt, dill, onion powder, sugar, rosemary, garlic powder, celery seeds, pomegranate powder, dehydrated kale flakes, and citric acid. With so many ingredients it was hard on the tongue to distinguish between so many flavors. But, after a few handfuls and waiting a few minutes I still wanted more. It was such an unusual flavor that it worked. But, the finishing flavor is definitely onion and garlic, so don’t eat this before you go out on a date.

The Caramel and Sea Salt flavor was next and it was pretty good. The popcorn was crispy and crunchy and was lightly coated with a caramel that was a little stronger than the sea salt. The finishing flavor was a mild caramel flavor with just a hint of salt.

The next two flavors were a little more unusual. The Sweet African Heat Popcorn had ingredients that included chili powder, coconut flavor, garlic, and other spices. It tasted a bit strong and the finishing flavor was on the coconut-chili side. I didn’t like the taste it left on my tongue. The Jamaican Jerk Popcorn had a great combination of flavors that included Jamaican Jerk seasoning (allspice, Scotch bonnet peppers, cloves, cinnamon, and garlic) and smoked paprika. It was a sweet and spicy delight, a combination of flavors that is sure to tickle your tongue.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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