Pyro Pop

Pyro Pop sent me three kinds of popcorn — Red White & Bleu, Salt & Vinegar, and Cheddar Dill.

All of these flavors are popped in a chili infused peanut oil. And, one of the warnings on their website states that it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort if eaten in large quantities. I was certainly prepared for some heat.

I started with the Red White & Bleu flavor. I took about six pieces and popped them into my mouth all at once and started to chew. This flavor is supposed to be a spicy three cheese blend with a dash of tomatoey goodness, but after only a few seconds all I could feel was the heat on my tongue. I could certainly taste cheese on the front end, but only for about five seconds. And, I didn’t taste any tomato flavoring. Because of the intense heat on my tongue I had to wait about ten minutes before trying the next flavor.

The Salt & Vinegar flavor was next and for the first few seconds there was a nice vinegar flavor, but again it only lasted for a short time before the heat kicked in. I really wanted more vinegar and less heat. The Cheddar Dill flavor had a quick cheddar taste on the front end, but the ending flavor is still an intense heat that stays on your tongue for a good ten minutes.

If you like spicy foods and want to try Pyro Pop I would recommend starting with just one piece at a time. You probably shouldn’t eat this by the handful. I’ll be using what I have left to spice up my salads this week.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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