halfpopsHalfpops now has seven different flavors. I recently received a box that contained a few of their new flavors — Angry Kettle Corn, Black Truffle & Sea Salt, Caramel & Sea Salt, Chipotle BBQ and Brooklyn Dill Pickle. You can read my review on their other two flavors (Natural Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt and Natural Aged White Cheddar) by clicking here.

I began my tasting with the Angry Kettle Corn. It was a little sweet on the front end and then got a little spicy as I began crunching — a great combination. The next flavor was the Caramel & Sea Salt, which had a good saltiness, but I didn’t care for the caramel flavoring. Compared to the many different kinds of caramel popcorn I’ve had and reviewed in the past this flavor was very weak. Next up was the Brooklyn Dill Pickle and it was just what I needed. The dill flavoring consumed the middle of my tongue and I was craving more after every crunch. The Chipotle BBQ flavor was too mild. I could taste the BBQ flavoring on the front end, but the finishing flavor needed a stronger spicy chili flavor. The Black Truffle & Sea Salt flavor had an intense black truffle flavor and was mildly salty.

All of the flavors from Halfpops have the same crunch and size. The crunch is very similar to tiny hard pretzel pieces and every piece is about the size of a large pea. I can’t recommend the Caramel & Sea Salt flavor, but I really liked all of the others.

It’s all about the crunch!

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’


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