Metropolis Popcorn

Metropolis Popcorn sent me a small box of samples that included the following flavors — Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Ranch, Heavenly Crunch, Banana Split, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, and Samoa Cookie.


The Mac & Cheese had a very subtle cheese flavor. The Buffalo Ranch was also very mild in flavor and not very spicy. The Heavenly Crunch was a mixture of vanilla flavored caramel popcorn with cashews and white chocolate. I liked the combination of flavors but wanted more cashews and more white chocolate. The Banana Split flavor was an interesting combination of flavors and textures. There was caramel and banana flavored popcorn, a few peanuts, and a drizzle of chocolate. I took a big handful and got all the flavors into my mouth and crunched away. It pretty much tasted like a crunchy banana split. All that was missing was a cherry on top. The Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt flavor was my favorite. It was also the only flavor that had a great salty taste. I devoured this tiny bag in just a few large bites. The Samoa Cookie was another interesting flavor that combined buttery caramel popcorn with tiny pieces of graham cracker, toasted coconut, and milk chocolate. I liked it but it could have used more toasted coconut and graham cracker.

All of the popcorn flavors from Metropolis Popcorn were pretty good. The Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt flavor was awesome. The other flavors could have used a little more salt.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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