Dolle’s vs. Fisher’s

If you happen to be on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD then you’re lucky to have a couple of options for caramel popcorn. Fisher’s has always been my choice and I’ve been buying it for many years. But Dolle’s is another option that needs to be considered. This past Memorial Day weekend I was lucky to get both and I did a side-by-side comparison.


Pictured above on the left is Fisher’s and on the right is Dolle’s. As you can clearly see Dolle’s is much darker. Fisher’s popcorn uses only light brown sugar and Dolle’s is made using a combination of white sugar and dark brown sugar, which gives it a darker color. I was really surprised when I tasted Dolle’s caramel popcorn. It actually tasted a little better than Fisher’s. And, all this time I’ve been buying Fisher’s when I visit Ocean City. Fisher’s is lighter tasting and has less caramel coating, where Dolle’s is thicker and has a stronger caramel flavor. I do think they could both benefit by adding a bit more salt.

If you happen to visit Ocean City, MD this year be sure to give Dolle’s caramel popcorn a try. You just might like it better than Fisher’s, like I did.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’



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