Stella’s PopKern

stellaspopkerntruckLast week I went to the Farmers Market in Bethesda to see Stella’s PopKern. Not only did I get to taste some amazing popcorn flavors, but I got to meet and talk to the owner, Kristina Kern. There were quite a few flavors available on the day I was there. And, it’s because a lot of their flavors are created on the spot. With a little olive oil and the addition of a few spices the flavors are made to order, with the exception of the caramel popcorn, which was made that morning.

stellaspopkernmenuThe popcorn flavors are highlighted on a menu located next to the order window. The flavors I tasted were Clarifed Butter with Brazilian Sea Salt, Salted Caramel, Zesty White Cheddar with Old Bay, Black Truffle with Brazilian Sea Salt, Mitmita with Ginger Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Drizzled Salted Caramel, and Bourbon Cayenne Spiked Bacon Salted Caramel. You can even create your own flavors by mixing them. We combined the Mitmita and Salted Caramel to create a sweet-hot combination.

I enjoyed tasting all of the popcorn flavors they had to offer. A few of my favorites were the Salted Caramel (it had a great buttery flavor) and the Zesty White Cheddar with Old Bay (an interesting combination of flavors that worked very well together – even I was surprised).

If you live or work in DC then you need to visit Stella’s PopKern. They have a Grand Store Opening in just a few weeks. Be sure to visit their website for more information at

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’


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  1. Hi! I’m a daily popcorn eater myself and found your blog through a review you did for a product I had just reviewed as well. I was then further (pleasantly!) surprised you happen to be in the DMV (I live MoCo, Maryland). How awesome that you’ve tried a whole bunch of popcorns I’ve never found, but now will have to find and try. Thanks for a great blog and for all your popcorn feedback! –Lisa

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