Popped Culture

poppedculturePopped Culture sent me seven different popcorn flavors — Showtime Cinema, Caramel Brown Sugah, Gingerbread Snap, Chocolate Rain, Godfather’s Garlic Parm, Casper’s Peppermint Bark, and Spicy Lime Hot Mess. All of the flavors are kettle popped using canola oil and lightly seasoned.

I began my tasting with the Caramel Brown Sugah. I expected a caramel flavor, but it tasted more like burnt brown sugar. It was crispy and lightly sweetened, but I just didn’t like that burnt aftertaste. The Showtime Cinema flavor was next. The combination of lightly seasoned salt and butter made this flavor one of my favorites. Godfather’s Garlic Parm was another flavor that I liked a lot. It had just the right amount of flavoring. I could have easily eaten this flavor all day long. Casper’s Peppermint Bark was a surprising flavor that I also liked. It was just plain kettle popped popcorn with a hint of peppermint. After eating the whole bag I was craving for more of that peppermint flavor. The Gingerbread Snap flavor was a little weak and had a burnt aftertaste similar to the Caramel Brown Sugah. It really needed a stronger ginger flavor. The Chocolate Rain flavor was seasoned with cocoa powder which gave it a chocolaty milk flavor. I thought it was a little bland and it also had that burnt taste. The Spicy Lime Hot Mess flavor just had too much going on. The flavor suffered from using too many ingredients. I could taste a small hint of lime, but the cilantro flavoring was too strong. It was certainly spicy enough because the flavor stayed on the middle of my tongue for nearly two minutes.

I enjoyed tasting all the flavors from Popped Culture. The Garlic Parm flavor was awesome, but some of the other flavors could taste a whole lot better by using stronger flavoring.

Thanks and Keep on Poppin’

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