Holiday Flavors from Joe and Seph’s

Happy National Popcorn Day!

It’s been exactly one year since I posted a popcorn review on this blog.
I took some much needed time off and gave my belly a rest from all the popcorn.

Well, I’m back.


Last month I wanted to get some popcorn for the holidays, so I ordered some holiday flavors from Joe and Seph’s. I really like this company. They are a family-run operation located in England and they make a wide variety of over 50 incredible popcorn flavors.

The flavors I got were Chili Chocolate Caramel, Espresso Martini, and Irish Coffee Liquer with White Chocolate Caramel.

I began my tasting with the Irish Coffee Liquer with White Chocolate Caramel. I took about three pieces and popped them into my mouth and began crunching. The flavor was pretty mild. It had a very nice creamy texture and I could taste the sweetness of the white chocolate, but the Irish coffee flavor was weak. Next up was the Espresso Martini flavor. It had a nice coffee flavor and it wasn’t too sweet. The last flavor I tasted was the Chili Chocolate Caramel. The front flavor was chocolate caramel, but after a few seconds of chewing a big burst of chili flavoring took over my tongue. It was definitely one of the best tasting chili popcorn flavors I’ve had — sweet on the front end with a spicy hot finish. It was awesome!

Be sure to visit Joe and Seph’s website and order some of their popcorn. I’m sure you’ll find a popcorn flavor that suits your tongue.

Thanks, and Keep on Poppin’

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