Joe & Seph’s ~ Marmite Popcorn and More

Joe & Seph’s recently sent me a box of goodies that included the following popcorn flavors: Marmite, Coconut & Chia Seed, Orange Chocolate, and Caramel & Sweet Chili.

popcorn_marmiteI couldn’t wait to try the Marmite Popcorn so I quickly opened up the bag, took a few pieces, and began crunching. Yuk, I soon realized that I don’t like the taste of Marmite. But, love it or hate it, you simply have to try it! I did get a few of my co-workers to try this flavor and most of them liked it. Go figure.

My tongue was craving a totally different flavor experience so I quickly opened up the Orange Chocolate popcorn and began munching. The opening flavor was a mild and flavorful chocolate, but as you’re chewing the flavor quickly transfers to orange. I tried the Coconut & Chia Seed flavor next. It was caramel-based and had a strong coconut flavor, but the taste from the addition of chia seeds was subtle. However, the combination of flavors worked well together. The last flavor I tried was the Caramel & Sweet Chili. It was awesome — two distinct sweet flavors in one bite. The sweetness from the caramel hits your tongue first and is followed by a mild sweet chili flavor.

Although I didn’t like the taste of Marmite Popcorn, the other flavors were delicious. I applaud Joe & Seph’s for creating popcorn flavors that consistently go above and beyond what other popcorn chefs are doing. Finding the best ingredients and pairing them with popcorn is a challenge, but Joe & Seph’s continues to break the mold when creating new popcorn flavors.

Thanks Again and Keep on Poppin’

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2 Responses to Joe & Seph’s ~ Marmite Popcorn and More

  1. Stuart says:

    Hey! I’m looking to buy a popcorn gift for my popcorn obsessed girlfriend. Every search result in google looks generic. Do you have any recommendations that are a suitably impressive gift? She prefers savory over sweet popcorn.

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